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Ursula Sutcliffe
6:09pm Jan 12

" Evening troublemakers. question time xx just watching a documentary about fans of Elvis, and it got me thinking. i realized i have never really idolized anybody, as a child I never had posters on my wall of bands or of solo artist and VT are the first band that I felt that i wanted to see succeed , why??? i'm a great lover of music and certain artists but have never felt the need to know a person beyond the music or try and see them as many times as I could. I have seen VT 3 times (not a lot i know by some standards) but for me I have never felt the need to go see anybody I have already seen. until now. so troublemakers the question is what do VT do for you and why. Is is just the love of this type of music or is, how they are with the fans that you appreciate? do you think there sex on legs ;) what is it and have you done this with other bands in the past. really am interested on peoples opinions why we go to the lengths we do to see and spend on people we don't really know. hope this makes sense and doesn't sound stupid, peace and love troublemakers. "

Geoff JJ Johnson


I'm 53 this year, been gigging since I was 15, still doin' it. Brought up on Stax, Atlantic, Motown. Dug back down to the roots - early blues, raw, mean, hard to listen to and hard to understand....don't sit easy on the ears but y'know ya gotta listen to it to get back to where you wanna be. Been there, done that.....again and again. have lit a whole new fire....I feel the heat. Drivin, hard but groovin' too.....full of groove....full of soul, blues, heart, love and passion. Passion that's missing from music way way too often. Take this church to the people and reunite them with their hearts and souls. Teach 'em. "


"Best band I have EVER seen live, and lord have I seen a lot.
These lads are making moves."

"I saw you were on the bill when I went to see Bon Jovi you kindly tweeted me back and said see you there which I nearly died and went to heaven with, I saw you at Hard Rock Calling I am actually speechless how good you are, you sound exactly the same live, you bring people together with your music, I could see people around me standing around open mouthed - now want to come and see more of your gigs - you now have a true fan in me! Words aren't enough to convey how good this is."

Christopher8008 - "Nobody Told Me" (Official Music Video):

"unbelievably beautiful and a song i have been singing my whole life, you have tapped into the collective unconcious, where all good songs come from,..class, style , grace, heart...don't you ever think of stopping making music or i will personally kick your ass. THis is history in the are the band of the moment and the future. Nothing but L O V E."

bolder2009 - "Nobody Told Me" (Official Music Video):

"I've seen many of the biggest names in popular music of the last 50 years, across all genres, and I have to say Vintage Trouble are easily one of the best live bands I've ever seen. There gig at the Blues Kitchen on the day of the Royal wedding last year, is one I'll never forget. Words like epic and legendary come to mind, but I'm not even sure if those words do justice to what they did on stage that night. I'm waiting and hoping for a DVD of their tour."

i looked up 'awesome' in a dictionary the other day.
it said : Slang term used to describe somethings' greatness, for more info check out vintage trouble...

Gina Lines
"Nothing like the energy of Vintage Trouble to close it all out, and make me feel alive again and remind me that my life f'n ROCKS!"

Jeff Thomson
"Nobody quite does it like Otis Redding...Ok, well maybe Ty Taylor"

Mike Jarret
"Not since I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan have I felt this positive about the future of music"

Lance Roberts

The BEST party/show in town!!!!!! Never experienced anything like it!!!!

Nick Faigin
Soulful rock is too benign a term, but their rock 'n' roll is a mix of hyped-up vintage Rolling Stones with a benzedrine-d Otis Redding on vocals!! They're smooth as silk and hard as nails


Non c'e conzione piu belle che questo...Vintage Trouble es el mejor grupo del mundo...Je ne peux pas trouver les mots....meu corpo arrepios quando ouço esses see...none of the romance languages can capture the love of VT. Just can't be done. These guys are talking a new language. In the words of Ken Kesey, "you're either on the bus, or you're off the bus." C'mon ya'll. Legends.

Michael Patrick Coughlin
Listening to "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" on a Saturday afternoon = EVERYthing.

Angela Ellis
Don't listen to vintage trouble while you're driving. They're inebriating.

Kristen Howe
Vintage Trouble -- WOW...what an amazing trip -- throwback with modern entertainment punch -- there isn't a single missing piece -- amazing vocals, sick music (holy guitar solos Batman) and an awesome look! Can't wait to get into more Vintage Trouble as soon as possible!

Erin Stoddard
Seeing Vintage Trouble perform got me excited about music again! Ty has the grit of an old school blues man with the energy of Mick Jagger and the electric guitar licks were sick! Can't wait to see them again and bring everyone I know to the show!

Max Justice
If Led Zeppelin were still around today, they would want to be Vintage Trouble

Daniel Monroe
It was the best date night we've had this summer.

Jason Buck

a vibration felt throughout the body that accumulates into spontanious reactional energy, a feeling of intamacy to a special note played soley for meyet enjoyed by all, with the look of ritualistic performance and showmanship i was completely captivated by this band

Tawny Dolley
The passion and the freedom i feel whenever i get to experience their music is pure bliss! Vintage Trouble is my favorite addiction.

Sonia Carrasco
To be in room which is encapsulated by visionary music makes me giddy that I have been let in on a Secret!!The soul, the heart, and the complete depth of this music is destined for the world to see!! Physically we wanted to leave cuz it was late but MENTALLY we kept saying one more song!! We couldn't leave!! Vintage Trouble is completely intoxicating!! And we are proud to be hooked!!

Nikki Perry
Finally, Someone Gets It Right:Vintage Trouble are 4 impeccable technicians possessed with the magic of 4 brilliant artists. Frontman, Ty Taylor, is a consummate entertainer with a brilliant voice and an infectious type of cool exuberance. Their live show, while a nod to the past, is a completely original experience; a Rock n Roll celebration that will do your body good. Thank you, Vintage Trouble, for bringing back that Good Soul Music.

Theresa Figueroa
Thank you for the opportunity to proclaim the beauty that is
Vintage Trouble. In a time when music is relative and talent suspect, the unbridled power and passion that is unleashed to all those present is unmatched. From the first note to the last you will be transported to a time when music consumed body, soul and spirit.
And yes, you will walk away having "felt" Vintage Trouble-
anxiously awaiting more...........

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