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Upload your own original photos or video of or inspired by Vintage Trouble for the chance to have your submission featured on or its official affiliated social media sites (the “Program”). The Program is provided by officialCOMMUNITY on behalf of Vintage Trouble (the “Operator” and the “Artist,” as indicated). By participating in the Program and submitting your Submission Materials (described below), you confirm your agreement to these Terms & Conditions, and to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy with which these Terms & Conditions are incorporated.


Submission Materials

For purposes of these Terms & Conditions, you (“You,” or the “Entrant”) are the one entering into the Program and are subject to these Terms & Conditions. You will be responsible for any messages, text, illustrations, images, graphics, photos, videos or other content or materials uploaded under this Program (the “Submission Materials”). For purposes of these Terms & Conditions, the Entrant providing the Submission Materials will be deemed to have be the natural person to whom the applicable email address is assigned by an Internet access provider, online service provider or other organization (e.g., business, educational institution, etc.) responsible for maintaining the e-mail account.


Your Release of Sponsor from Any and All Liability

Each Entrant hereby indemnifies and holds each of Operator and Artist, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives, agents and the respective officers, directors and employees of each, harmless from and against any claim, damages or liability of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Submission Materials, including, but not limited to any third-party claim. Each Entrant hereby waives any right to privacy. Each Entrant hereby waives any right to inspect or approve uses of the Submission Materials or to be compensated for any such uses.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Entrants agree that each of Operator and Artist, and each of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives and agents shall not be liable for losses or injuries of any kind resulting from: (i) participation in the Program, (ii) individual, joint or collective technical malfunctions of the telephone network and/or transmission line, computer on-line system, computer equipment, hardware and/or software, or (iv) any delay or distortion of an entry resulting from data transmissions that are garbled, incomplete, misdirected, lost, mutilated, delayed, corrupted, mechanically duplicated, illegible or otherwise not in compliance with these Terms & Conditions. Entrants also agree that each of Operator and Artist, and each of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives and agents are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to an Entrant’s or third person’s computer (including, without limitation, any server failure or lost, delayed or corrupted data or other malfunction) directly or indirectly related to or resulting from entrant’s participation in the program, the prize(s) or downloading of information in connection with the program. Each of Operator and Artist reserve the right to modify or cancel the Program in the event that any portion of any website used to administer any aspect of the Program becomes technically corrupted.


Use of Data

Operator and Artist may collect personal data about Entrants in accordance with its privacy policy on Please review the privacy policy. By participating in the Program, Entrants hereby agree to Operator’s and Artist’s collection and usage of their personal information and acknowledge that they have read and accepted Operator’s and Artist’s privacy policy.


Proprietary Rights

You agree that all content and materials available on this website are protected by rights of publicity, copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights and laws. Unless expressly authorized by us, you agree not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from materials or content available on this website. Notwithstanding the above, you may use the content and materials on this website in the course of your normal, personal, non-commercial use of this website, as further described in the Terms of Use.


Intellectual Property Rights Policy

We respect the intellectual property rights of others, and we ask our users to do the same. We will, in our sole and absolute discretion, terminate the account or use privileges of any user who repeatedly violates the rights of others.


License to Use Submission Materials

By submitting any Submission Material as directed above, Entrant acknowledges that Entrant has reviewed and agreed to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy confirms that, both on Entrant’s own behalf and on behalf of everyone appearing in Entrant’s photos and/or video, I have granted (and have the right to grant) to Operator and Artist and its licensees the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, worldwide irrevocable, perpetual, and cost-free right and license to use copy, record, distribute, reproduce, disclose, sell, re-sell, sublicense (through multiple levels), display, publicly perform, transmit, publish, broadcast, translate, make derivative works of, and otherwise use and exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your the Submission Materials, along with the images, names, copy and likenesses of anyone appearing in it, for any and all purposes including, without limitation; in the production, exhibition, distribution or other exploitation of any copy of the Vintage Trouble online presence including (but not limited to), Vintage Trouble Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or other medium, technology, services or devices not contemplated at the time of these Terms & Conditions. Entrant acknowledges that for technical purposes it may be necessary to edit or adapt any of the Submission Materials and that Operator and Artist have the right to juxtapose it with any other copy or images of Vintage Trouble. Each time Entrant submits any Submission Materials, Entrant represents and warrants that Entrant is at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which Entrant resides and is the parent or legal guardian, or have all proper consents from the parent or legal guardian, of any minor who is depicted in or contributed to any Submission Materials that Entrant submits, and that, as to that Submission Materials, (a) Entrant is the sole author and owner of the intellectual property and other rights to the Submission Materials, or Entrant has a lawful right to submit the Submission Materials and grant Operator and Artist the rights to it that Entrant are granting by these Terms & Conditions, all without any Operator or Artist obligation to obtain consent of any third party and without creating any obligation or liability of Operator or Artist; (b) the Submission Materials are accurate; (c) the Submission Materials do not and, as to Operator’s and Artist’s permitted uses and exploitation set forth in these Terms & Conditions, will not infringe any intellectual property or other right of any third party; and (d) the Submission Materials will not violate these Terms & Conditions, or cause injury or harm to any person.