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Montreal Lemonade (rbd)

Lifetime musicians, despite all the difficulties, we really are the lucky ones and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a career in music. Chasing your bliss really is something so few people get to do and somewhat of a secret to life I believe.  As many reading this may know, while on tour earlier this year supporting the Cranberries in Montreal, we had one of those moments where misfortune bit down hard when several of our instruments were stolen from us and it was a grind in those moments to say the least. Sometimes though, it’s this misfortune that forces us to take a step back, appreciate what we DO have even deeper, and often jump forward in ways even bigger than we thought were possible. True goodness and positivity can come out of these awful moments in life if we just stay open to the possible. They can also serve moments of great growth in our lives. I recently thought again to share this particular adventure to celebrate all the amazing energy that helped make this great story happen and to also thank those again for this love. To celebrate TroubleMaking the way only our community knows how.

As an opening act, you are blessed because you get to play larger stages and expose your music to whole new sets of crowds. Similarly, as a new band, you have logistical, budget, communication and time constraints that create constant challenges as well. Not being able to park at the venue and somewhere between our previous night in town and soundcheck, our van was unattended and two main instruments were stolen from us.   The first was a backup Les Paul that Nalle had borrowed from a dear friend of ours and the second was my main bass…a Blonde Fender 57′ ReIssue P-Bass Maple neck that was customized all my own and something tremendously special to me.   The love and time that we put into our main instruments, you can’t imagine.   I don’t know what to compare it to, but the feeling you get in your stomach when you figure out this part of your family has been stolen from you…it is a pain like no other.  Its tough to even imagine.  As we were literally on our way to soundcheck when we realized, the mad rush began to a) get a replacement so we could do the show in 2 hours, b) inventory in my head what else was also with the bass in the case when it was stolen and c) somehow keep processing all the emotions of the experience but also block it out as it got closer to showtime. The show still is most important thing.  It always is.

We managed to handle everything in the way of a loaner bass with the help of the local promoter and the show went off fantastic.  I think there is even plenty of youtube video from that night in Montreal.   It really was a great emotional show.   Afterwards though, it was back to reality, trying to figure out what to do next. I was trying to just breathe, not freak out and also just trying to pick up the lessons and stay open to what I was supposed to be learning from this experience. This is where things start to take a beautiful turn.   (Life can be funny like this).

We have a community called the TroubleMakers that supports us in ways I have never experienced anywhere else in music or life for that matter.   We can’t really call them fans because they are more like family to us.  They are so positive, so loving, and such a force amongst themselves…it simply humbles me to be a part of such a tribe.    Several of the key TroubleMakers, and in particular Adam and Lisa Kennedy, felt a particular outrage to what had happened to us once the news posted on our Facebook about the stolen guitars.  From their computers all the way in Newcastle, UK, they started a twitter campaign to blast the world with news, pictures and the serial number of my stolen bass.   They tirelessly worked and got other TroubleMakers to help do the same, reposting and reposting the story.  So much so that they reached the limit that Twitter allows for number of tweets in a day.  They then moved to other accounts and anyone that would pick it up as well…and in the process, the story actually began to take hold in a huge way. It started trending on twitter.  While we were driving all day to our next show in Providence, Rhode Island, we started hearing and seeing the story gaining more and more traction.  Through the help of the T.M. community, our management, and all of the constant pushing of the story, every pawn shop and music store in Montreal knew about the bass and I was even contacted by one of the largest radio stations in Montreal to do an interview about the story during drive time radio.   Even the awesome gig bag company that I use (Reunion Blues) offered me an endorsement deal from the story and they immediately replaced my bag for free.  Huge names were now starting to get wind of the story and repost and before we knew it, people like Zak Wylde and Peter Frampton and even Slash (a childhood hero of mine) had retweeted the story.  SLASH knew about our band and even emailed Ty to offer his help.  Incredible. With his help now sharing to all his followers and friends at this point, we now had something like 3 million posts of the story. It really helped push it over the edge and it was incredibly emotional for me how many people were just trying to help any way they could.

Over the next few days, the word actually got to Fender Worldwide on what had happened thanks to the constant online reposting of the story as well as the critical help of our manager Doc McGhee.   Doc put in the call and connected Fender even closer to who we are as a band, the story of the stolen bass, and our overall work ethic.  Once Fender combined it with the help we had from people like Slash, Fender UK and all the TroubleMakers, they offered up something they rarely do anymore…a full artist endorsement to me for Bass.  Insane.   My heroes have all played Fender and I have been a Fender guy most of my life.  To now have the support of Fender Worldwide, its a kids dream come true.   2 days later, I had a Blonde 57′ RI Fender PBass Reissue delivered to me and I can now call myself a Fender worldwide artist.  Montreal Lemonade was made in full and it was humbling beyond words.

Flash forward now to a few months ago where we got the honor of playing the same festival in Sweden with Slash.   We were backstage and I got the incredible opportunity to meet the man himself and even more important for me, I got to personally thank him for his help with the reposting of my bass story.   He had heard of the Fender deal I picked up from it and even made the great comment that “Twitter is good for some things”. Indeed it is.  Only for me, it wound up being good for so much more in addition to being able to personally thank a childhood hero for his help and goodwill.

To date, we haven’t gotten the stolen bass back, but I’m hopeful she will find her way back to me one day.   In the meantime, this story now represents something to me that is so much more valuable than what was lost that day.   To have such positivity be born from such a negative situation is a true testament to love and openness of the human spirit.   Everyone that helped in whatever little ways they could added up to something epic in proportions.  This was an incredible reminder to me that immense good can come from bad, especially if we stay positive and let it in.

I have so many people to thank for this and even more importantly, to where I am at in life.   I am blessed to have the friends, family, TroubleMakers, mentors and angels that I have as part of my fabric.  To all those who are under this beautiful umbrella, you know who you are and I thank you with all my heart.  Genuine Love is something that can’t be destroyed or stolen.  It is fantastically contagious and so vital.  I hope each of you know how much I truly do appreciate all that you have given to me.

The people you are, the love that you spread, and the lives you lead…

Thank you for lighting by example.


Cheers and Sayunara

Vintage Trouble - Asakusa Temple
Vintage Trouble – Asakusa Temple

Before I fly home after a long summer of being away from the states we refer to as united, I would like to put some thoughts on paper while they are fresh in my mind and illuminating my soul.

As a child I always dreamed of being a singer that would travel the world making music, and sharing songs with different cultures, but I had no idea what the reality of the situation would bring with it. In my mind I thought the core of being a traveling musician would be music, but what I have fortunately found, is that is not; It is about the people.

As I think about flying home today, I’m not thinking about the words I put out or the notes I sang. My minds eye is full of the beautiful and inspiring people that I came in contact with.

TroubleMakers, you are really unique brand of music lover. I will try to strip myself of all desire to be cool in this paragraph, in order to allow you to truly feel my appreciation and adoration of you.

We like to challenge our audiences, to go beyond their normal good time, and I want to acknowledge what so many of you have challenged us to do by coming to so many shows. You have made us feel the need to never let you down and always give you and ourselves something new out of every show… No, out of every moment of every show.

We head home feeling like stronger men due to the fact that you have made us feel necessary and exciting. We land in Los Angeles tomorrow more humble because of the way your realness keeps us grounded. Tomorrow night as we lay in bed, we will fall asleep with smiles on our faces because of how sexy you have made us feel all summer.

If you have not been told by one of us at some point, we would like you to know this. There are not enough tears of joy in the world to fill the place you have in our hearts. You have made the summer of 2012 feel like a delicious home away from home.

From Japan, I and we raise a glass of the finest unfiltered Sake to you. Thank you for your hearts and souls, your time and minds and your sweat applause, but mostly we thank you for being your wild abandoned selves and putting out and giving in the way you have and do.

Please think of us fondly while we are away and don’t be strangers.

Peace please,

Unexpected inspirations… (Ty Taylor)

Yesterday while driving from Iowa to Missouri with the rest of the band, we pulled over so that I could do a phone interview. Top of the conversation I find out that the reporter had attended the 1967 Stax tour that featured Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Eddie Floyd, Booker T. and the M.G.’s, The Mar-Keys and more. When I first saw the recording of this concert it changed my life, my outlook on everything that I had done as a performer, and everything I wanted to do from that moment on. I had never seen such passion and soul and communion on stage before. Seeing this captured evening connected me to a part of myself I didn’t even know needed connection. It stitched together stage and life for me. It ignited my desire to have audience and performers become one during any given gig.

I had the opportunity to ask this man about details I thought I’d never have the answers for. Throughout our conversation he drew comparisons between what went down on that tour and what we do now as a band, it literally brought chills to my spine and a heightened pride of our art and mission.

Thank God for unexpected inspirations.

I’m not even sure if it was good interview but I will tell you this….it was a magical conversation.

To top the whole thing off I found this record in a store earlier today and had to have it…

The Stax/Volt Revue London

Peace please,

This Week in Vintage Trouble History (Ty Taylor)

It’s amazing how long the power of one show will stay in your body and resonate as if it were still happening.

Los Angeles, a deeply sincere thank you for the amount of primitive, forward, passionate and wild energy that filled The El Rey Theatre on Thursday night. Our home town community brought all of these things and truly claimed back their ‘ownership’ of Vintage Trouble as an L.A.-grown band.

We dedicated this video to our dear friend and top TroubleMaker Nick Faigin who suddenly passed away days before this show. “It was important that we not do something all sad, but that we do something that was a jam”
Vintage Trouble with friends, Bradley Keys, Countre Black, Charlie Brumbly, Reina Hidalgo & Kamilah Marshall.

This was our official album release show, and as we looked into the crowd we saw so many faces old and new, and everyone was joining in the party. Hearing so many people singing every word of every song was decadent. It was like each person in the room was both on stage and in the audience all the same time, as lionel richie would say- all night long.

We have waited a long time to officially release this album to the states, and it is exciting that the foreplay is over, letting us take this relationship to the next level. These songs were written in this city; The roots of the music and character of the words are here. This release is a big, no, a HUGE deal to us on a personal level.

2 days prior to The El Rey show, we had the honor of performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! All day I kept thinking about all the TV performances that I have seen that over the years that have inspired me, and us, to do what it is that we do. We wanted to connect to the folks at home in that same way. It was our mission. It’s been a while since we did a big TV gig as a band, but it went off smoothly with the on-air filming feeling like one of our live shows. It is magical to share a moment like that with your musical brothers and have it captured forever.

We ended this EPIC week by playing our first show in San Diego, celebrating at The Griffin to a full, sweaty room. It reminded me of when we first started playing overseas where we landed in a city of strangers and left feeling like we gathered new friends and TroubleMakers. The people San Diego danced their asses off and made us feel welcomed. I think we can all say we made a great connection to that city.

This week confirmed why we started doing this as a band. Everything is feeling real and ripe and in the flow in America, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting and bringing The Bomb Shelter Sessions home.

Peace please,

– Ty Taylor

“Hello” from SXSW 2012

Vintage Trouble are currently at SXSW in Austin, TX. They play TODAY at The Parkside (upstairs) at 4:30pm (The Orchard Party).

In the last 2 days they have supported Lionel Richie (on the Billboard Stage at ACL Live on Wednesday night) and played the Paste Magazine show yesterday afternoon.

They took a few moments before the Billboard show to say “Hello”.

“Last night’s Billboard Magazine show opening for the great Lionel Richie was a dream come true and wild ride.” – Vintage Trouble on Facebook

Return of the Blog

We’ve been quite sporadic in our blogging of late and are about to return in full force with new stories from us and we’ve also some great guest bloggers lined up.

Watch this space…