Vintage Trouble

Bristol 247


Since their last time in town, Vintage Trouble have continued to tour relentlessly and have just had a run of dates here in the UK with Paloma Faith. They bring their high octane live show to the Marble Factory on Saturday 27 and offer “live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth’d, pelvis-pushing juke music” – believe me, you can believe the hype. The guys took five minutes to answer a few questions for us.

B24/7 Quick fire round to kick things off – pick one of each of the following:

Stax or Motown?

(Ty Taylor – lead vocals): Motown for melody and lyrics, Stax for passion, rawness and vibe! 

Star Trek or Star Wars?

(Rick Barrio Dill – bass): Star Wars all the way!

Big Sunny Festivals or Small Sweaty Clubs?

(Richard Danielson – drums): I personally love the feel of festivals, which is kind of the dream you dream as a kid, to be on big stages in front of big audiences. But sweaty clubs is where it gets more adult and dirty and where some of the true magic happens, so I’d never want to lose that. Sometime there are sweaty club-like tents within the big sunny festivals. Once the sun goes down they can take on a juke-joint kind of feeling. We’ve had some great times in some of these smaller environments within the larger festivals. 

You’ve played the UK a lot. When you see British dates on the schedule what do you most look forward to about returning?

(Nalle Colt – guitars): Our TroubleMaker community, it’s a great group of friends that has support us since day one. Also, lot of these venues are iconic places that all my favourite bands released great live albums from. We are playing KOKO in London soon. That’s one spot I really like!

…and when you see those dates, what do you look forward to least?

(Nalle): Well sometimes the weather is not the best around here, that’s about it.

Do you feel any affinity with bands like Alabama Shakes, St Paul & the Broken Bones and Sharon King & the Daptones – all of whom are mining the rich heritage of Soul, RnB and the southern sound?

(Ty): Rhythm and Blues and Soul is the music that touches me the deepest and what I relate to the most. So whenever I hear anything that rattles me in the same way, it makes my spirit shake, rattle and roll.  It makes me feel so good these days to know that there is an army of like minded soldiers on a mission to keep the torch alive, representing people like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Etta James, Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Ruth Brown, Sister Rosetta Thorpe and the like.  

You have a well earned reputation for fearsome live shows. Are there any bands that make you feel you need to raise your game when you’re on the same bill?

(Richard): Hmm… We don’t really think about that too much. Maybe when I was a kid in young bands we’d have that kind of spirit. But we put on the same energized show no matter where we are, and it’s just a natural thing. We just do what we love to do. We have said that this is a band with four alpha males, so that may play into it. No way can any of us slack off, we’d get eaten alive from the other members. 

What’s the best new music you’ve heard in the past few months? Any up and coming bands that you’d like to mention?

(Rick): No new bands in the last couple of months I can think of but the new Alabama Shakes single sounds great, and I’ve been tripping over everything from Charlie XCX to Ed Sheeran, and probably more than anything, continually rediscovering my old Otis, Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke records of late again. So much good stuff as well as Northern Soul deep cuts. Never gets old to me

If you could hop back in time, is there any single key choice you’ve made that you’d like to change – and if so what & why?

(Ty): If I could go back in time the only key choice I would correct is that I let myself deal with people’s bullshit for so long instead of just seeing through it and understanding what is obviously good and positive.  I think when we are young we mistake edgy for cool. We also allow industry falsities to be the truth.  And it can handicap us without knowing it. Life is a lot simpler than we make it at most times. I wish I had decided to really know that in my soul earlier on.

The Meltdown Festival enables artists to create a festival with an eclectic mix of artists & bands with some unlikely combinations and collaborations. Given the opportunity, who would VT bring together at Meltdown?

(Rick): VT and Beth Hart

(Nalle): We are coming with a pocket full of Rhythm & Blues and juke joint vibe in general, that what we like to share to this eclectic group of artists.