Vintage Trouble

Cheers and Sayunara

Vintage Trouble - Asakusa Temple
Vintage Trouble – Asakusa Temple

Before I fly home after a long summer of being away from the states we refer to as united, I would like to put some thoughts on paper while they are fresh in my mind and illuminating my soul.

As a child I always dreamed of being a singer that would travel the world making music, and sharing songs with different cultures, but I had no idea what the reality of the situation would bring with it. In my mind I thought the core of being a traveling musician would be music, but what I have fortunately found, is that is not; It is about the people.

As I think about flying home today, I’m not thinking about the words I put out or the notes I sang. My minds eye is full of the beautiful and inspiring people that I came in contact with.

TroubleMakers, you are really unique brand of music lover. I will try to strip myself of all desire to be cool in this paragraph, in order to allow you to truly feel my appreciation and adoration of you.

We like to challenge our audiences, to go beyond their normal good time, and I want to acknowledge what so many of you have challenged us to do by coming to so many shows. You have made us feel the need to never let you down and always give you and ourselves something new out of every show… No, out of every moment of every show.

We head home feeling like stronger men due to the fact that you have made us feel necessary and exciting. We land in Los Angeles tomorrow more humble because of the way your realness keeps us grounded. Tomorrow night as we lay in bed, we will fall asleep with smiles on our faces because of how sexy you have made us feel all summer.

If you have not been told by one of us at some point, we would like you to know this. There are not enough tears of joy in the world to fill the place you have in our hearts. You have made the summer of 2012 feel like a delicious home away from home.

From Japan, I and we raise a glass of the finest unfiltered Sake to you. Thank you for your hearts and souls, your time and minds and your sweat applause, but mostly we thank you for being your wild abandoned selves and putting out and giving in the way you have and do.

Please think of us fondly while we are away and don’t be strangers.

Peace please,