Vintage Trouble

Tokyo Hot 100 Show


Vintage Trouble have just left Tokyo after 3 days of promotion including a performance of ‘Strike Your Light’ at NHK’s national TV show ASAICHI.

Following the appearance on ASAICHI to approximately 18 million viewers,
Vintage Trouble was the #1 trending topic on Twitter Japan and the #2 searched term on Yahoo Japan!!!

On iTunes, 1 Hopeful Rd. jumped to #19 on the overall album chart, #3 on rock album chart!

On Amazon, Vintage Trouble albums were at #2, #3, #5 and #8!!!

Vintage Trouble’s 4 song live performance on the No.1 Radio station J-WAVE was live streamed on YouTube.
You may recall, J-Wave is responsible for the band’s first #1 ever, when ‘Strike Your Light’ was the most played song on the station and #1 on their weekly Tokyo Hot 100 show