Vintage Trouble

Updates from Vintage Trouble’s United States Tour!

Hello TroubleMakers,

As we’ve come to the halfway point of this US tour around the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks—not only to those who have come out to show their support, but those of you who keep the fire warm through social media as well. This community is unlike any other. We so admire how you all engage with each other and support one another. It’s a beautiful thing.

We’d also like to thank those of you who’ve participated in our VIP meet and greets. It’s always fun to connect in this way, and one never knows what kind of spontaneous moment can happen. The other day someone requested the very up-tempo Strike Your Light, so just for kicks we played it as a slow ballad. Fun stuff! And while we’re thanking folks, we’d like to thanks Kyle Daniel who opened this first half of the tour with us. Some of you may remember that Kyle used to do merch for us, and is now killing it as a budding artist himself. On the merch tip, we have a bunch of new VT swag that you can find here!

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We’re also excited to be partnered with Klick T Shop for this tour. They’re making some great quality and cool designed VT shirts (including multiple woman’s choices) you can find here!

And as always, check out all things VT at

Find out more about the VIP Packages and upcoming concert dates on the Tour Page.