Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble wins the Ryan “Indie Song of Summer” with Pelvis Pusher

Vintage Trouble
Vintage Trouble, wins the Ryan Seacrest contest, “Indie Song of Summer” 2013

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BIG THANKS TO OUR TroubleMakers for the amazing support and love!

TROUBLEMAKERS: everything aside, this victory belongs to you. Please take pride in its ownership. And please know that as you root for us, so too do we root for you. As a whole we think of you everyday as you’ve become woven into the fabric of this journey—our journey, together. Perhaps we are but a button pressed upon the jukebox of your ambling hearts. But please know that you ARE our heart. This community, this Troubland, has far exceeded what these four musicians could have ever dreamed up in our rock n’ roll rouse. You TroubleMakers will live as legend in this VT story. And once again you have demonstrated that your collective voice is singular and thus very powerful. It has reached @Ryan Seacrest’s camp and that is a huge feat! Really. What they decide to do about it is yet to be seen. But the true triumph here is the way TroubleMakers have come together, once again, to stand for something. We hope that something is to bring our brand of Soul to the airwaves. So stand tall TroubleMakers. No matter what comes of this it is a huge victory, and that victory is yours! Cheers